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New Zealand Medals Ltd

Military Antiques and Medals. Medal Mounting & Restoration



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Posted on 2 July, 2013 at 3:42 Comments comments (293)
I have just got back from a successful trip to Australia to sort of a temporary stock of medal cases. That has now been resolved and I have a regular supply of quite economical cases made for the Australian jewellery industry but idealy suited to medals.
We have been very busy post ANZAC Day and things are now only beginning to slow down.

Fair Go Follow Up

Posted on 14 June, 2012 at 4:25 Comments comments (145)
SInce the Fair Go episodes there has been a fair bit of talk about medals and also a greater awareness of how vulnerable people are to their medals being mistreated. My comments regarding various people grinding medals were not aired however it is good to know that veterans are certainly aware that some medal mounters are damaging their medals and are acting accordingly.

Fair Go

Posted on 18 May, 2012 at 20:27 Comments comments (337)
Well this week and the one before we had TVNZ filming in relation to a general interest story on medals and medal mounting, and also seeking an expert opinion on whether certain medals brought to us were real or not.
I was previously a fraud investigator and have generally shunned media involvement in what I do now as a follow on from my previous occupation but I acknowledge that in the present climate with ANZAC Day becoming very much a family event and a resurgence in crowds and a general interest in our military history that there is an interest in medals.
I take medal mounting and restoration seriously. As I have said before, its not like I am putting new brakes on someones Corolla, but rather I am being entrusted with their treasured irreplaceable heirlooms. And I take that seriously.
I commend TVNZ and Fair Go in raising the issue they have. It is one which those in my industry have been aware of for some time but few have known how to tackle it. The industry needs a clean up, especially concerning the other abhorent practice of grinding medals by mounters who lack the ability to get them to sit flat without damaging them.
On a positive note I was told yesterday by a retired Colonel with service in both the UK and NZ forces that I am the first master craftsman he has encountered since being in New Zealand (14 years). 


Posted on 28 April, 2012 at 1:52 Comments comments (306)
ANZAC day this year was very busy. Our lead up commenced in late January and our daily workload was quite significant.
We are still busily remounting groups to include the new NZDSM, which is being rolled out in good numbers.
We are delighted and also very proud that all deadlines were met and everyone got their mdals on time for ANZAC Day. We say many of our clients in newspapers and on TV wearing their medals with pride. It is great to be involved with a business of this nature which restores family treasures and heirlooms.
Even the day be ANZAC Day we were mounting medals for clients who called us needing some last minute help. We met great people, no less than 3 WW2 DFC winners, some neat kids wanting to wear their great grandfathers medals and we gladly gave a Memorial Cross to a lady whose father was killed in WW2.
Our NZDF Medal Mounting obligations have been very significant and the range of modern medals we have seen has been exceptional. One sad thing we have noticed however has been the extent of damage caused to medals by previous mounters, and we have updated our section of the site accordingly with images. This is a very significant problem and whilst we will replace damaged clasps and bars as and when we can it is a totally avoidable problem - which is still happening. There are sadly some people mounting medals in NZ who lack the skill to do so without damaging your medals. Be wary who you entrust them to.
We have now received our replicas of the NZDSM. They are quite passable and we are pleased with the colour matching - as we have seen a wide range. We are offering these for $25 unmounted and with a clasp, or $35 mounted. We have supported a NZ business in having these made in New Zealand.
By the end of May we hope to have a new range of medal cases. We are pleased that these are also being sourced locally.
Thank you for your support
Aubrey Bairstow
NZ Medals Ltd

2012 update

Posted on 6 January, 2012 at 5:44 Comments comments (247)
The 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal is out. I cannot be worn as miniature until February and cannot be awarded in full size until about June, however ribbon and miniatures are now available.
We also now have a new shipment of ribbon including those for the the NZ Police, NZ Fire Service and NZ Prison Service LSCG Medals , as well as the very hard to obtain QSO/QSM and a newer version of the US Antarctic Medal ribbon.
The next order will include a full range of miniature ribbon as well as the NZ Customs Service LSGC Medal ribbon.
We had the lapel pins of the NZOSM and NZDSM produced in conjunction with an Australian associate and these have been a huge success. We give one to clients whose full sized and miniature medals we mount.