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New Zealand Medals Ltd

Military Antiques and Medals. Medal Mounting & Restoration

Please note that we are not NZDF and cannot issue you with unclaimed medals. We suggest a first port of call is the NZDF Medals Office for guidance as to what medals may be unclaimed. You may well be offered miniature medals by them for purchase. We suggest that you also get a price from us as well.

Claiming Unclaimed Medals

If you wish to claim for unclaimed service medals for yourself or a deceased family member and wish to have them mounted for wear by New Zealand Medals then we can assist you with the claim for the medals concerned.

Please email us at [email protected] and detail your service to Aubrey Bairstow. He will be able to provide you with an indication of likely medals you may be entitled to and can show you how to claim for them.

You will need to complete a form which he will forward to you (or a link to the form). Please note however that the issue of medals to families of deceased service persons (and even living former service persons) can take many months and we often suggest that a replica be obtained instead if the matter is uregent. NZDF will likely require various declarations to be completed and from our experience they can let the matter become protracted for a number of months before asking for further forms to be completed which can easily cause a delay of a year or more. In contrast we have from time to time had medals issued within days.

Examples of medals which are very likely unclaimed would be:

  • The NZ Operational Service Medal to which any person who has served overseas for NZ post 1945 is now entitled to. This includes recipients of all Post WW2 campaign medals such as the Vietnam Medal, The General Service Medal, The Korea Medal etc.

  • The NZ General Service Medal for Vietnam. All NZ Vietnam veterans are now entitled to this medal.

  • The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal. Many NZ veterans of Malaya, Malaysia and Borneo are entitled to this official award from the Malaysian Government.

  • The Gallipoli Medallion. Families of those men who served at Gallipoli are entitled to this medallion. The medallion was instituted for award to veterans in the 1960's however can still be claimed by family members.

  • The NZ War Service Medal (and often the 1939-45 War Medal) for service in the Home Guard and National Military Reserve during WW2.

  • The Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 and/or the NZ General Service Medal to men of the Royal NZ Navy who served in the waters of Malaya, Korea, the Suez etc.

  • The New Zeland Defence Service Medal, essentially given to anyone who has served poast 1945 including CMT, Territorials, National Service intakes as well as Regular forces.

Full details of all current and recent issue New Zealand Medals can be found on the excellent website of the NZ Defence Force Medals Office.

Particular reference is drawn to the excellent and detailed section explaining medal entitlements for various NZ Navy deployments as most service personnel serving at the time were not awarded medals for that service, and can now be entitled to as many as 5 campaign medals for that service.