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New Zealand Medals Ltd

Military Antiques and Medals. Medal Mounting & Restoration


At present the only framing we are offering is a frame with an opening reverse to hold a mounted set of medals. The cost is typically $130 - $200 depending on the size. This frame allows the medals to be removed and worn and then reattached for display.

There is the facility to include photos and we will supply an appropriate piece of insignia and a plaque with the recipients details.

Plaque details remains an ongoing frustration with us often due to various spellings on service records, false dates of births or family myth differing from military files. If you want details to go into the frame you will need to supply this. The format is typically:

  12345 Private John Brown

2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment

If you are uncertain of their service number etc details are at the Auckland Museum Cenotaph website.

We take pride in how we frame medals and related items. We have a few options as far as layout and content is concerned but intentionally do not have a huge range of frames and mat boards so we are able to maintain a consistent quality finish.

Please note that we outsource framing manufacture and mat board cutting to Factory Frames Ltd but that the frames are assembled by us. This ensures that a quality product is made and that also your precious items are not out of our care. We make no secret about the fact that we use a professional framing firm to assist us with our framing. We know our limitations. When framers try medal mounting the end result is usually poor and the same would apply if we were to try and cut our own frames and mat boards.

Mat boards and frame molding is sourced by our framer from America. The present situation has resulted in some shortages of framing materials.

If you have any specific custom framing needs we recommend FACTORY FRAMES in Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington and also on the North Shore.

Our standard medal type frame. Plain dark stained timber with a choice of black, maroon or blue suede card. Name plaques are also provided with recipient details. This frame was prepared for RMC Duntroon in Australia. "Morrie" Stanley was a NZ hero of the Battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War.

full sized medals swung mounted and framed for display. A frame of this type is around $150 - $175 including the brass plaque.

full sized medals mounted for display court style

miniature medals mounted for display

WW2 Memorial Cross and campaign medals to a man killed at Crete. This is type of frame and mounting is around $220 - $250

Below, a WW1 MM and MID group with Gallipoli Medallion. The owner wanted the medals left exactly as worn by his father so we conserved them and they were framed accordingly. The cost for this type of frame is around $220

Below, a conservation mount using antique ribbons and an elaborate gilt frame. The Gallipoli Medallion (bottom left) was unclaimed and so we claimed it for the decendants and it now completes his medal entitlement. Please note that we do not charge for claiming unclaimed medals. This medal recipient was killed whilst serving with the Camel Corps. A mount and frame of this type will typically cost around $350 to $450 depending on the number of medals. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FRAME MAY NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE so please enquire.

Below is a similar frame recently undertaken for a client. In addition we supplied the medals contained in the frame to represent the honours and awards won by their relative.