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New Zealand Medals Ltd

Military Antiques and Medals. Medal Mounting & Restoration

Military antiques , also known as Militaria is a popular collecting field. We havea range of interesting items which display well in any home depending on the level of interest of the collector (and tolerance of their significant other).


I purchased these from a client in 2017. They came from his father, who served before WW2 and during the war largely as a chaufer and batman to the British High Command - originally with the Yorkshire Regt, then attached to the Guards, and finally posted to the HQ.

These are a rare genuine pair of matched left and right eppaulettes of a British full General, who is also the ADC to the King. There were very limited people who held that rank, and this man was batman to a number of them

I believe that these belonged to General Lord Paget as they are the correct rank and the service file of the batman confirm his service with his HQ.

Also with the eppaulettes are a spare pair of ADC badges, a single Generals badge, a metal mirror, a button cleaner, the paybook and service book of the L/Cpl in question and his full service file, and a cloth Yorkshire badge. He served in France and Germany during the war but most of his service was based in the UK. Also included is a leather bound Aldershot Tattoo book.

A very scarce pair of eppaulettes.



A scarce German Russian Front cap. After the catastrophic winter of 1941-42 on the Eastern Front, the German military rapidly designed improved cold weather clothing. By the Fall of 1942, a variety of fur lined caps had been introduced. There were no standardized "model numbers", but this version is a commonly encountered pattern. It has a fieldgray wool body, with a visor and fold down ear flaps backed with rabbit fur. The flaps are held in the "up" (open) position by a single button . The flaps can be tied under the wearer's chin via cloth ties (missing).

Many soldiers pinned or sewed insignia to the brim.

Condition is very good with 95% of the fur intact, interior shows staining from use. Dated 1943 and with maker details


Cloth Insignia

We stock an assortment of original and reproduction insignia primarily intended to be sold to clients when we either frame or mount their medals. We generally do not sell badges etc on a retail basis as it is not our core business.

Some of the insignia we regularly use includes wings and brevets for RNZAF or RAF service.

Generally $25 each